Parts & Service

24/7 Emergency Service

  • Factory trained technicians
  • Fully stocked service trucks
  • 24/7 service available
  • Licensed to operate all equipment utilized
  • All service vehicles equipped with GPS to maximize response time

24/7 Emergency Service/Breakdowns: Hoist & Crane Systems, Inc. offers anytime breakdown support to minimize downtime during your operation times at all hours of the day. We have factory trained service technicians that all have experience in the field and have training with top hoist manufacturers. Our service trucks are well equipped with tools needed to assist the technicians in resolving the issues that are present. Our Service Manager can efficiently determine a solution for the customer and communication is a key factor in our business.

Load Testing

  • On-Site load tests per OSHA requirements
  • We have test weights in different capacities. We can bring these to your site.
  • For cranes above fifty tons, we can bring water weights to your site.
  • All load tests are properly documented.

Load Testing (OSHA 1910.179 (k) Testing): Hoist & Crane Systems, Inc. performs all load tests at 125% of the rated capacity to ensure that your material handling equipment is more than sufficient for your needs. A test is performed to ensure that the crane system can handle the maximum weight capacity in operation. We can bring the weights to your facility to make it easy to perform test. Weights can range in all different capacities to offer the right test weight capacity. Hoist & Crane Systems, Inc. creates load test reports for our records, as well as the customer.


HOIST & CRANE SYSTEMS, INC. again separates itself from the competition by following up on any inspection deficiencies with a proposal that outlines each repair needed because we want to be your material handling partner and help you reduce breakdowns and injuries. When hoists and cranes are properly maintained, productivity increases and costly employee injuries may be prevented, which ensures our valuable service will more than pay for itself. To meet every need, we offer 24-hour emergency service, “in-house” repairs on hoists and “on-site” refurbishment for cranes.

Call us today for information regarding safety inspections, load test requirements and help in establishing a preventative maintenance program that will satisfy OSHA and prevent unnecessary fines, production down-time and employee injuries.


HOIST & CRANE SYSTEMS’ safety inspections and procedures will not only help you comply with OSHA and ANSI standards, but also helps make your operation more cost efficient by reducing the frequency of breakdowns.

All Industries are required by OSHA Regulation 29 CFR 1910.179(j)(1) and 1910.179(l)(1) to have periodic or frequent safety inspections and establish a maintenance program according to the manufacturers recommendations. We help you comply by recording the identification of every hoist and crane and their inspection results in writing.

OSHA inspectors require that these inspection reports as well as the initial load test report for the equipment are available for their review. We find that those industries that don’t have inspection or load test records readily available are judged strictly on the scruples of the inspector and as a result are more susceptible to fines and unrelenting consultations.

Crane Operator Training

We will provide a power-point presentation, training booklets, test papers and Crane Operator Certificate to each attendee who passes our written test.

Items Covered

  • "OSHA" daily overhead hoist and crane operator inspection requirements.
  • "OSHA" safety requirements for operation of overhead hoists or cranes.
  • "CMAA" proper operation of overhead hoists or cranes

Items Covered

Generally 2 to 3 hours in length, but may vary based on the number of attendees and length of question/answer session.

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