Load Testing

Load Testing (OSHA 1910.179 (k) Testing): Hoist & Crane Systems, Inc. performs all load tests at 125% of the rated capacity to ensure that your material handling equipment is more than sufficient for your needs. A test is performed to ensure that the crane system can handle the maximum weight capacity in operation. We can bring the weights to your facility to make it easy to perform test. Weights can range in all different capacities to offer the right test weight capacity. Hoist & Crane Systems, Inc. creates load test reports for our records, as well as the customer.

load testing

  • On-Site load tests per OSHA requirements
  • We have test weights in different capacities.We can bring these to your site.
  • For cranes above fifty tons, we can bring water weights to your site.
  • All load tests are properly documented. Please access our customer portal to view.
  • Copies of load tests are kept in our files, as well.

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